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Turkey Pinata

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For decoration or a party game, the Turkey Pinata is an ideal choice. This product comes in various bright colors. The turkey is brown with a yellow beak and a tail of bold red, orange, blue and yellow. This paper mache pinata is suitable for the traditional use of hitting it with a stick and watching candy and prizes fall out. There is a hole in the turkey to make it easy to stuff with whatever goodies are desired. The pinata can be a fun new tradition at Thanksgiving events or themed birthday parties. There is a string on the top of the turkey to easily hang it from an eave, outdoors or indoors. It can also make a suitable decorative table centerpiece. It can be in the middle of your Thanksgiving table or even used for photo ops when family and friends come over.

  • Fully assembled ready to use handcrafted pinata made from cardboard
  • Holds Approx. 3 pounds of candy or other goodies (not included)
  • Easy 2”x3” pre-cut access opening on top to fill
  • Size is 18 inch
  • Weight resistant string (attached) for hanging
  • Sturdy enough for multiple guests to participate
  • One stick and one blindfold included