Pig Pinata for Tropical Birthday Party Decorations and Hawaiian Luau Party

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Delight guests of all ages with this adorable pig pinata, designed to add a touch of whimsy and excitement to any celebration. Concealing an array of delightful surprises, such as entertaining toys, delicious chocolates, or vibrant confetti, the pinata offers both children and adults the chance to take a swing and unveil hidden treasures. The adorable pig pinata seamlessly integrates with your Hawaiian party decor. Measuring 16.5 x 10 x 3 inches, this small farm animal pinata is perfect for any gathering, from intimate family get-togethers to more significant festive celebrations. To set the stage for the pinata-busting fun, use a rope to hang the delightful pig from a ladder, roof, railing, or tree. Once securely suspended, guests can take turns trying to break open the pinata, creating a lively and interactive activity that will have everyone eagerly anticipating the moment the surprises within are unveiled. This pig pinata offers a unique and entertaining way to elevate your Hawaiian-themed celebration, delighting guests young and old alike. Its adorable design with a straw skirt and flower necklace enhances the festive ambiance while providing an engaging party game.

  • Hawaiian Party Supplies: Add a touch of tropical flair to your celebration with our fun and festive pink pig pinata, featuring an adorable pig wearing a hula skirt
  • Spacious Tiki Pinata: Use the cut open-label to conveniently fill the party pinata to the brim with all sorts of fun surprises for little ones, like small toys, candy, delicious chocolate, or confetti (sold separately)
  • Reliable Quality: The interior of the small farm animal pinata pig is constructed with sturdy corrugated paper, while the exterior is decorated with pink tissue paper
  • The Perfect Size: Our adorable luau pinata for pig party decorations measures 16.5x10x3 inches; perfectly sized to hang from a tree, railing, or ladder for kids to bash open for treats (sold separately)
  • One bat and one blindfold included
  • Versatile Fun: Our pig pinata serves a dual function as both a captivating centerpiece and an exciting party game