• Frankenstein Pinata
  • Frankenstein Pinata

Frankenstein Pinata

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Frankenstein’s Monster isn’t up to much lately. Don’t believe us? Just shoot him a quick text asking "What’s up?"... ten to one, his response will be something along the lines of, "Idk. Just hangin’." These days, laboratory-created zombies just aren’t cool enough to chill with the naturally undead.

Poor guy sounds pretty bored, so why not invite him to hang at your next party? This Frankenstein piñata is sure to have a monster of a time at any Halloween gathering -- you can tell he’s delighted by his eerie grin and joyfully outstretched arms. Fill him with candy and let the games begin!

Monster Height: 20 Inches

Note: Piñata does NOT include candy, so feel free to fill it with any treat of your choice!